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Nov 21, 2009 7:00am EST
and civic engagement, in schools, i love seeing the children say, if barack obama can do it, i can do it, too. i love that. and this is the time to plumb the depths of that. i feel a lot of apprehension in this room, i feel a lot of somewhat angst in this room but i want to feel some joy in this room, we are african people in the united states at the right time. [applause]. >> okay, we're going to now take as many questions as we can take. we have 10 minutes left and we'll ask our panelists to respond at the end, we'll try and see if we can at least get three or questions in. >> reverend benson from arlington, virginia a minister member of the national council of the present teary here in -- pez terry in factor detective. as we try to right the wrongs of the inequities we see, i would like to ask all of us assembled here and members over congress that we be cautioned as we move forward to promote the efforts for advocacy for our people and people of color, we do so on a position that supports our president, and his administration, as opposed to being on the opposite end. saying that..
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1